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Create A Custom Wedding Ceremony

The I Do My Way Ceremony Builder allows you to create a wedding ceremony that is a true reflection of you and your partner.  No more cookie cutter ceremonies but rather a ceremony that is as unique as you are.

Hundreds of Resources

Our ceremony builder has hundreds of resources for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking for the perfect opening words, the best ring exchange or heartfelt vow – you will find it here.

Expert Advice

As you build your ceremony our experts will be there to guide you with great advice.  Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds and provide you with knowledge that can only be gained from years of experience.

Fully Customizable

Outside of a few elements that need to be said by your officiant everything else is chosen by you.  You control what is said, who says it and when it is said.  It will truly be a ceremony that is as unique as you.


As you move through the process of building ceremony you will find tabs which contain advice from our experts.  Hopefully their insight will help you develop a wedding ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Athena Leskun

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Athena has established herself as one of the top photographers in the Vancouver area as well as travelling often for destination weddings.  She continues to break new ground with her unique style and casual approach to wedding photography Website

Shyla Robson & Eunice Slade

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Shyla Robson & Eunice Slade are a mother – daughter team that have assisted over 1000 happy couples in making their special day unique and stress free!  They are tops in their field and have a unique understanding of what makes a wedding ceremony look great. Website

Genevieve Dreizen

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Genevieve is a non denominational minister based out of New York City.  Not only is she a fantastic officiant but she also co-authors a lifestyle blog with her sister.  Her insights into urban weddings is remarkable as she understands their unique nature and approach. Website

Rick Parks

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Rick has officiated hundreds of weddings around the Vancouver area and has established himself as one of the “best” in the city.  His background as a minister coupled with his real world experience allows him to bring a unique outlook to any wedding ceremony. Website