About Us

I Do My Way began as a dream to make building a wedding ceremony easy and fun for any couple.  It started years ago with just one guy performing weddings around the Vancouver area.    That guy was Rick Parks and he has problem with doing things status quo.  

From the moment we began doing weddings we developed a tool within our website to assist couples in choosing the different elements of their wedding ceremony.  That little tool became a highlight of our services and many couples commented on how they loved to be able to customize their ceremony to their style and needs.  

With that in mind we decided to make that tool something more than anyone had ever seen.  We had some ups and downs along the way but soon a picture of what you now see began to develop.  Not only have we compiled a huge database of resources but we have put them together into a easy to use system that allows any couple to build their perfect ceremony.  

Is our system perfect - no.  Are we going stop here - no.  We are constantly evolving our system so that it better serves the couples that use it.  Our hope is that this little tool becomes one of the most useful tools to any bride and groom as they plan their big day.  We hope that you enjoy it and if you have any comments or thoughts please do not hesitate to send us a note - we value your opinion.

Enjoy making your moment - your way.

The I Do My Way Team